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Nearshore Software Development without Offshore Hassles?

The free report by Venice Consulting Group outlines the benefits of nearshore development.

The free report titled “The Six Secrets of Nearshore Development ” identifies offshore challenges as

  • Time Zone: Differing time zones present management challenges, increased cost of travel, and communication breakdowns.
  • Language Barriers: Offshore teams add additional risk via Language Barriers
  • Cost Bloating: Offshore projects include costs above and beyond the discounted hourly rate.
  • Efficiency: Offshore teams are simply not as efficient as local teams
  • Quality: Offshore quality is an issue
  • Manageability: Offshore teams are hard to manage.

The report outlines the benefits of nearshore development and defines “The Nearshore Hybrid Model ” as a real solution, which includes

  • working with programmers in the same time zone,
  • language and cultural practices
  • true cost management
  • efficiency, quality and manageability