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Software Outsourcing Manual

Tired of your less-than-successful outsourcing projects?

Software Application Maintenance, Support and Development – Outsourcing Made Easy.

The current economy prediction does not look good. Making wise investments and protecting your company assets is more important than ever.

Outsourcing application maintenance and software development is one of the ways to save money and get ahead of the competition.

However, outsourcing complex tasks like software development and maintenance is difficult and may lead to big frustration and cost you money.


In helping you address these issues we prepared “Outsourcing Manual” which will help you identify these and other “mines” in this area.
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To fully use outsourcing benefits you must first go through a whole minefield of issues, like:

  • Not having clearly defined your goals, measurement metrics and exit strategies up front.
  • Not providing specific and measurable SLAs (Service level agreements) for evaluating performance, which leads to lower quality of output, poor issue resolution and missed deadlines of business critical deliverables
  • Not being aware of potential management complexity and initially reduced effectiveness (communication overhead)
  • Underestimating communication issues between the parties on all levels
  • Not assessing political and infrastructure instability in the vendor country
  • Service provider not having enough technology expertise, flexibility and low staff turnover
  • Thinking that cost savings alone is good enough reason to outsource.
  • Not fully protecting your intellectual property

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Your personal info is kept confidential.