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Building Scalable Cloud App Using GWT, JBoss, MongoDB on OpenShift

The following post presents our decisions in choosing right technologies for the scalable web application project. Abstract description of the Project The main requirement for the project was to create a project management application with collaboration ("facebook-like") features. Requirements for the project: Web access to the tool for everyone (not an internal application), but it should also be deployable as a standalone version for internal purposes (intranet usage). Large amount of users expected (about 10 000 - 100 000 in the first few months) with moderate ... Read more

Cool Data – Blackout in India As Seen By oDesk

One of the most popular online hiring sites, oDesk, showed the interesting data regarding the correlation between the work hours and blackout in India. oDesk provides a simple and easy environment where you can hire software developers, web designers, virtual assistants, or any other contractors. This way you can easily outsource the jobs you do not know, or do not want to do. Many contractors on oDesk are from India and nationwide blackouts can have a big impact on work hours on oDesk. They ... Read more