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IT Outsourcing Strategies – Managing Staff

One of the common mistakes in initiating an outsource process, is lack of communication with both your internal staff as well as the vendor staff. Of course these people are critical to your success, so taking the time to ensure they understand the goals of this initiative and what their individual roles will be, should be one of your first priorities. Begin with employee meetings to announce the finalization of your plans, discuss the overall goals and how your employees will fit ... Read more

IT Outsourcing Survey

The Venice Group published a free survey that presents the opinions of executives from the Fortune 1000. The results from this survey present an interesting picture of the current state of IT outsourcing with some interesting implications, such as the following over half of respondents were unlikely to select India for outsourcing common objections to outsourcing are a lack of communication or understanding related to cultural or geographic differences yet the majority of respondents also disagree that they must outsource in order to remain ... Read more