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Your Outsourcing Project – Practical Guide (Part 2)

In the first part of this guide we were talking about the contract and the beginning of the project. Now we will concentrate on the core of the project and possible issues. On the move Once the parties successfully complete the first small project and everybody is satisfied with the outcome, it is time to move on to more complex tasks. It is up to your decision if you want to continue gradually and grow progressively or really to start on a larger ... Read more

Your outsourcing project – practical guide (Part 1)

This report describes the setup of outsourcing environment between parties (client and provider). It is mainly concentrated on software development outsourcing, but many ideas can be applied generally. The report shows the steps from the beginning of the relationship, as well as ways of solving common problems. Contract The beginning of the relationship typically begins with contract negotiations. The NDA is typically signed during first phase or even before it. It is good to use a flexible setup. Typically frame contract (FC) is used, which defines ... Read more