• Professional Java Server, iOS and Android Programming


Why Outsourced.SK?

“Outsource To Win Not To Shrink”
Thomas L. Friedman, The World Is Flat

5 Key Value Points

1. Over 10 years of experience 
2. Based in Bratislava, SK
3. Clients in the US, EU and SK
4. Excellent communications
5. Committed to your success
About Slovakia and Bratislava

Located in Southwest Slovakia on the Danube River, Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic, and is the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia.

Bratislava is home to several universities, museums and theatres, as well as corporate headquarters for many of the large businesses and financial institutions in Slovakia.

GDP per capita is 147.9% of the EU average and is the second-highest level (after Prague) of all regions in the new EU member states. Slovakia is a member of the European Union, NATO and the World Trade Organization.

Outsourced.SK, and our affiliates Naxos s.r.o. and Foundation s.r.o, are based in Bratislava and provide a full range of quality and cost effective nearshore technology solutions.

Our team of senior software professionals have worked together for over ten years providing quality solutions to our clients in the EU, US and domestic markets.

Our history consistently demonstrates that ‘people are our biggest asset’ is not just another cliché. We hire the best people available and provide ongoing assistance to our staff at all levels to grow personally and professionally.

We offer the best service possible backed by talented employees with excellent communication skills and a partnership approach dedicated to your success.

We use a variety of communication techniques including email, Skype, IM and in-person meetings to ensure that you have constant access to your project and the status of your work.

We provide a full range of IT solutions and our expertise includes:

Professional Services

  • Governance, metrics and QA services
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Testing, certification & implementation
  • Delivery and deployment
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Application development, Custom Development


  • Telecommunication
  • Internet Services
  • Information Technology
  • Government

Technical Skills

  • Java/JEE, MySQL, GWT, HTML
  • .NET (ASP) Programming, C# Development
  • Windows CE, J2ME Programming
  • Mobile Platforms, iPhone
  • C/C++ (Windows), Objective C (Mac)
  • Eclipse RCP, Eclipse plug-ins
  • Linux, Python
  • Windows Forms, Web Services, Flickr API
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.


  • Web Development
  • Database Design
  • File Sharing
  • Workflow
  • Agile Programming
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Social Networks, Content Sharing

In addition to the services listed above, Outsourced.SK can provide strategic consulting services to assist you with the planning, assessment, due diligence and execution of IT related business initiatives.