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Outsourcing Strategies

Benefits of Multi-tiered Sourcing Strategies

“Multi-sourcing means customers can diversify their application outsourcing,”, “this removes the geopolitical risks of having one offshore company, in only one country.”
Ralph Rodriguez, SVP and research director, Technology Markets, Aberdeen 
5 Key Value Points
1. Flexible multi-tiered sourcing
2. Create unique solutions
3. Leverage strengths of each tier
4. Focus on core value of each tier
5. Scalable business model

Outsource.SK will work directly with you to develop and implement a customized sourcing strategy that will integrate into your existing business model to provide the flexibility and responsiveness needed to compete in todays rapidly changing environment.

One size doesn’t fit all. Each company has a unique set of needs and corresponding sourcing requirements. Nearshore can function as your sole outsource solution or integrate into a larger 3-tiered sourcing strategy.

Each tier has it’s own set of benefits and when properly configured, can create a flexible, scalable and cost effective business solution.

Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA)

Internal staff, contractors and management consultants are your tier-1 resources.  Need to extend your capabilities without increasing staff or the cost of onsite consultants? The addition of a nearshore team within a few hours of your office can solve your problems.

Need to extend further for special large scale projects or after hours support? Leverage the resource pools and time zone differences of an offshore provider.

  • Create outsource “grid” of vendors
  • Reduce risk of single offshore site
  • Leverage core value of each tier
  • Scalable model for growth
  • Create competitive environment
  • Select best of breed solutions
Outsourcing Pyramid

Outsourcing Pyramid