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What does your company have in common with IBM, GE, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Siemens and Accenture?

You have access to the same pool of some of the most talented, well educated and hardworking IT professionals available in the world. And they’re located right here in Central Europe…

The world is changing rapidly. Many major US and European companies know the value of software outsourcing, as well as some of the potential challenges.

That’s why many of these companies are choosing to open their latest generation development, operations and support centres in cities such as Bratislava, Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.

Nearshore – by leveraging the low cost Central European infrastructure and work force, companies are able to realize substantial savings of between 30% and 35% while still being in close proximity to their service providers. Explore our site further to learn more about the advantages of nearshore software solutions in Central Europe and the business benefits of Outsourced.SK.

Offshore Challenges Nearshore Advantage
Quality Difficult to ensure quality and timeliness of business critical deliverables Culturally aligned to the west with a focus on commitments to quality and responsiveness
Cost Rising offshore labour and infrastructure costs result in decreasing profit margins Low cost of labour and infrastructure ensures Central Europe will continue to provide cost effective quality services
Resources Staff attrition, lack of experience, in-country brain drain and competition for qualified resources Large pool of educated, innovative and experienced professionals who prefer to be based in their home country
Proximity Difficult access to service providers limits the ability for dynamic collaboration Proximity of Central Europe provides easy access to business partners whenever needed
Stability Political and infrastructure instability, as well as ongoing human rights issues Robust infrastructure and stable political environment as a member of the EU, NATO and WTO.

Outsourced.SK provides insight into the growing industry of Central European service IT providers with a focus on the Slovak Republic. Learn how Central Europe and Outsourced.SK can play a vital role in your company’s overall sourcing strategies.