• Professional Java Server, iOS and Android Programming


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Company details

Naxos s.r.o.
Polna 36
971 01 Prievidza
Slovak Republic

Direct contact:
Jozef Antony
Technical Lead
Tel.: +421 905 548 724
e-mail: antony [at] outsourced – dot – sk

And just remember, if you ever want to stop by for a visit
you can leave those malaria pills at home – and we’ll even get you back in time for dinner.

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    How to get here

    From London: 2 hours by plane

    From Amsterdam: 1,5 hours by plane

    From Copenhagen: 1,5 hours by plane

    From Vienna: 1 hour by car

    Our convenient location in Central Europe allows you to fly
    or drive to Bratislava for a morning meeting and still be home in time for dinner with your family!