• Professional Java Server, iOS and Android Programming


There is a saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep”, and we believe our companies say a lot about Outsourced.SK. We have a diverse group of clients in the United States, Europe and domestically within Slovakia.

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Industries include Telecom, IT, Internet Services and Government agencies. We have extensive experience in Web Development, Database Design, File Sharing and Workflow, and are well versed in a variety of contemporary technologies.

But it’s not the technologies that should be considered here, after all that’s our business,   it’s the client value that we have brought to each and every one of our engagements that we are most proud of.

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Soonr Inc. SoonR, Inc, USA

  • Website: www.soonr.com
  • Service: Mobile data services
  • Industry: Internet
  • Technology: Java/EE, .NET
  • Value: Free-up resources
Webfives/Vizrea WebFives/Vizrea,   USA

  • Service: Sharing service
  • Industry: Internet
  • Technology: C+, ASP.NET
  • Value: Specialized skills
ED2 - Document Management and Workflow Solution Document management / Workflow

  • Service: Web Services
  • Industry: Public Service
  • Value: Document and workflow optimization, reduce cost
Flickr Uploader Flickr Uploader

  • Service: Mobile Services
  • Industry: Social Network
  • Technology Win Forms
  • Value: Reduce cost
Business Register Slovak Business Register, SK

  • Service: Data consolidation
  • Industry: Internet
  • Technology: Eclipse
  • Value: Time to market