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How to

In 3 Minutes You Can Discover How to Eliminate Risks, Help Your Company to Focus on Core Business and Reduce Operating Costs.

Eliminating the Risk

Wise investments and protecting your company’s assets is now more important than ever. Outsourcing software development is even harder, because of the rapidly changing business environment. It might have been on your radar for some time or maybe you’re already involved in outsourcing.


Are you looking for …

  • The elimination or at least significant reduction of investment risk?
  • Low cost labor, no hidden expenses and continuous cost effective quality service?
  • A large stable team of experienced and innovative professionals?
  • A robust infrastructure with stable political environment?
  • Full protection of your intellectual property rights?
  • Strong project development based on clearly defined goals, measurement metrics and clear strategies?
  • Full vendor awareness of potential management complexity and initial setbacks?
  • Specific and measurable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for evaluating performance and ensuring high quality output of business-critical deliverables?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, we might be the right fit for you.

Focusing on core business

If you’re looking for a long term and profitable partnership make sure you clearly state what you want. Match your project with the vendor who has the right experience.

We have an excellent track record with medium sized companies working on Web 2.0 websites or on larger projects as part of their team. These projects cover technologies based on Java and .NET as well as the mobile applications (Windows CE, iPhone). Is your project like this?

Reducing costs

We offer 100% guarantee – full risk elimination.
That means that we want to fully eliminate the risk of software outsourcing for you.

How does it work?

  • We will discuss your project  requirements, to understand  what your goal is.
  • If we don’t think that the  project is the right fit for both  of us, we walk away.
  • After the initial discussion,  when both parties feel that the  project is the right fit, we will  prepare and deliver the first  time and price estimations for smaller (sub) project (project analysis and/or specification). All free of charge.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, we will deliver the (sub) project as planned and defined previously. Again, free of charge.
  • During this smaller part of the project you have a chance to evaluate all the aspects of our cooperation.
  • When the project is delivered, you decide if you pay for it or not.

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Software development

Software development is too hard to do without proper methodology and processes. We use agile process development in all our projects. However we understand that it is always necessary to make adjustments to fit the client’s environment.

We make sure that our infrastructure and tools also support this process. We follow best industry practices including

  • Issue management – project management, change control and bug reporting tool
  • We keep change management under control (no scope creep)
  • Source code control with backups
  • We make daily builds, integration builds and use continuous integration
  • We write and require written product specification
  • We use testers and dedicated test environments, hardware and virtual machines

Delivering quality that matters

We are focused on delivering the highest quality products for our customers. However quality is not something which “just happens”. The quality is not what a QA manual may say; the quality is what we DO.



To deliver top quality products, which fully meet or exceed our customer’s expectations:

  • We employ high quality software engineers with university degrees, they must write code and speak English during their job interviews
  • We plan ahead and re-evaluate when business requirements change
  • We communicate all changes clearly with the stakeholders and the whole team – progress reporting on multiple levels, backed up by regular application builds and tests
  • We change as the business evolves so we are able to meet our partners’ new business challenges.
  • Quality metrics are based on defined acceptance criteria and metrics
  • Delivery and test cycle – regular build, test and review cycles to make sure the product development is under control
  • We use the best tools we can buy


Martin Frid-Nielsen, Founder/CEO, Soonr, Inc

We have worked with Outsource.SK/Foundation for over 3 years, and we have found them to be a great outsourcing partner: strong engineers, good communication and flexible to work with.

Martin Frid-Nielsen,
Founder/CEO Soonr, Inc.


Jozef and his team helped my company and my clients with all the
technical aspects of website creation and management. The work
was always delivered on time, done professionally and it was
always easy to work with the whole team. Thanks!

Janak Mehta, Web Traffic Guy