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Project management

projectdevelopmentWe have been in this industry for a long time and we know that the technology is just not enough. The development process is as important as the technology. Our clients can be sure that we deliver what we

Defined project management tools, processes, systems and communication habits are ingrained in our developers, tester and project leaders. They all make sure that the projects run smoothly and efficiently.

If there are problems, we do not try to hide them. We know that it would hunt us sooner or later. We are open in our communication. You can be sure that whatever obstacles or challenges we face, we can
handle them.

What you can expect:

– the professional and honest project assessment and the planning
– reliable project management
– clear project tracking
– predictable deliverable dates
– on budget delivery

Tools and processes that help us meet these expectations are defined processes, communication on all levels and tools. For example: bug
tracking system, continuous integration tools (CruiseControl.NET, Jenkins, TeamCity), automatic build servers, source repository, test management, test environments…

How we work