• Professional Java Server, iOS and Android Programming

Web/SaaS development

websaasThe web development was something that anybody can do over the weekend. But not today. Today’s web systems require a wide range of experts to make it right.

This is not only ‘web’ any more. The web application are full-features systems packed with advanced features, with enhanced security, scalability, and easy to use user interface.

We have actively watched this process over the past 10 years and we have evolved together with our clients. We provide full web solutions, from the initial design to the final installation and end-user support and maintenance.

We do not just try to use the latest technologies, we use what is the best for the client and the end product. Although we stay in top of the trends, it doesn’t mean that we will use any new hot unproven feature.

We aim for stable and functional solutions, that makes our clients profitable. That way we can be profitable as well.

Technologies we actively use:

Java web technologies:

JEE/Java, Apache Tomcat/JBoss, MySQL/Oracle/MongoDB (or other databases), Wicket, EJB 3.x, JesperReports, Hibernate, Glassfish, Spring, JSF, JSP, Stripes …

– LAMP technology stack – PHP, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Linux, ExtJs, HTML, CSS3, jQuery, Netbeans …

How we work