• Professional Java Server, iOS and Android Programming

iOS/Android development

ios-androidThe mobile world is changing even more rapidly than the web worlds has changed for past several years. Who is not actively doing it, will loose the pulse of the industry in a few months.

The major platforms – iOS and Android – dictate the trends. it is not about a simple app that had just the same information as the web page. It is now about the simple and efficient mobile solutions that make user’s life better.

We help our clients to develop and deliver these kind of mobile applications. We make sure that the apps integrate seamlessly with the existing client’s services and platforms.

Not only that, we have our own mobile development solutions that we deliver and test on multiple mobile markets to stay on top of the game.

We have developed and deployed applications for iOS (bot phones and iPads) and Android mobile phones and tablets. It includes productivity applications, content-based applications as well as interactive games.

Technologies: Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, iOS SDK, JSON, REST, ANT, FogBugz

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