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Resources for Outsourcing Software Development

Software Development Resources
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Complete set of quality resources will show you how to prepare and run effective relationship with your software development vendors/outsourcers. These resources will help you prepare and successfully scale your business using offshore or nearshore software development teams.

Here is what you get:

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  • Outsourcing Partner Checklist – A detailed list of questions you should go through with your (potential) vendor. It is a list of things to think about, even before you start looking for a new vendor.
  • Sample Frame Contract And Project Appendix – This is a sample frame contract between the vendor (like us) and you. It covers both types of projects – T&M (Time&Material) and fixed bid. Project appendix then specifies the exact conditions for the particular project.

  • Outsourcing Cheat Sheet – A simple and ready-to-use information about outsourcing a software project in one place.

  • Case Studies – These are the case studies of software development projects, we were working on (or working now). These studies will help you to plan the various aspects of your outsourcing projects.

  • Technical Checklist – A list of various technical information needed for the development and deployment teams to actually implement the project.

  • Detailed information about Foundation s.r.o. / Outsourced.sk


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“The best companies outsource to win, not to shrink. They outsource to innovate faster…”
Thomas L. Friedman (The world is flat)

“Do what you can do the best and outsource the rest”
Tom Peters, Management Guru