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The Ultimate Guide to Software Outsourcing

Article by Edward M. Branchea

“The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.”

~~ Alphonso Jackson — Secretary of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Those who are thinking about software outsourcing portions of labor for the first time may be feeling overcome and wavering about the idea of relying on some person outside the company to finish labor related tasks. The uneasiness with deciding whether or not to outsource labor stems chiefly from ignorance about the process of software outsourcing. This article will serve as a shepherd to those who are looking at software outsourcing for the first time and will supply information on how to choose experienced candidates, establish project requirements and enforce a deadline for project fulfilment.

Choose Experienced Candidates Carefully

One way to greatly simplify the process of software outsourcing is to give particular consideration to selecting an experienced prospective candidate to finish the outsourced tasks. This is extremely important because software outsourcing the project to an person who is experienced to finish the tasks and motivated to do a great job will make the software outsourcing endeavor much more likely to be successful.

To discover the proper candidate for the job, submit advertisements detailing the project requirements and preferences and carefully look over each application which is submitted. Immediately ignore applicants who are not experienced enough for the job. Then look over the applications of experienced candidates carefully and choose a small faction of the most favorable candidates. Next interview each of these candidates and certify their references and passed work experiences to discover more about these candidates and their abilities and work standards.

After interviewing these candidates it is time to make a choice about hiring one of the final candidates. Do not be glum if not any of the final candidates seemed suitable for the job because you are under no obligation to employ any of them. You can continue your search for an experienced candidate by placing your job ad again and soliciting new responses.
Establish Exact Requirements

When software outsourcing a project or tasks, it is very important to clearly specify the project requirements. This is absolutely critical because it is vital for the contractor to completely grasp the tasks which are being outsourced to guarantee he is fulfilling all of the requirements and finishing the work in a sufficient manner.

Failing to establish specific project requirements and goals can lead to a vast array of problems when software outsourcing a project. The contractor may feel as though he has completed the project as it was outlined but the employer may not agree. When this happens there can be detrimental delays until the issues can be fixed agreeably. In the instance that this is not possible it might be necessary to engage the help of a arbitrator to assess the agreement documents and the work produced to decide if the agreement terms were met.

“Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.”
~~ Larry Elder — “The Larry Elder Show”

Enact A Firm Deadline

Another very important component of software outsourcing is establishing a firm deadline for the project. This is important to refrain from misunderstandings and to prevent late submissions of work. Setting milestone goals is also important because it gives the employer the power to assess the progress of the contractor during different stages of the project and to guarantee it is proceeding according to the timetable.

Ideally the deadline should be determined before the candidate is selected. This is extremely important because this enables the employer to certify that the contractor is available for the duration of the project. The schedule should be discussed early in the process of selecting a prospective candidate to refrain from selecting an ideal candidate only to discover htat he is unavailable when his services are required.

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