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Software Development Outsourcing – The Secrets for Getting It Right The First Time

Software development outsourcingSoftware development outsourcing is a big business today.

Today, software and web developers are already in great demand and paid a pretty price for their services. India, China, Russia, Eastern Europe and even Mexico are now  known for the software developers that cater to the various software development projects.

Offshore (or now nearshore as well) software development is a type of outsourcing where a company assigns the software development jobs to offshore countries.

A company can have multiple core competencies in each of the areas of business and technical processes however, software development might not be one of them.

Software development outsourcing can than help your organization gain access to high-quality, professional and custom software development services.

Software development company can be involved in the development, maintenance, and publication of the software products.

Offshore software development is the standard approach to the current market scenario where technology, skills and approaches are changing rapidly.

Outsourcing industry has achieved the critical mass required to break away from being just software programming vendors.

Industry has improved considerably in the understanding and managing of all the aspects of software development outsourcing.

Planning and Management

Well-planned outsourced software development project could offer the desired competitive advantage. This is an evolutionary software development method that work best when the project is incremental and iterative.

IT project managers hesitate giving pre-sales estimates because they know that just about every project has hidden work. So the project is killed, the project managers get promoted, and the whole cycle starts over.

Software development is a far more complicated concept than just a web site programming. It requires an experienced offshore software development company. And the technology is not the main problem here, usually.

The sophistication required for planning, managing, developing, testing and deploying of software application has grown significantly because of increasing complexity of software solutions.

Software application is the result of extensive custom software programming methodologies.

Starting with a large project is a painful way to learn how to manage a software project. So start with something smaller. Add more when you establish trust and a clear  communication with your vendor.

Starting a new project is always exciting. During peak project periods when the project is marching toward a deadline, overtime is common.

TeamOutsourcing software development

Even if the team is willing to self-assess, the team also needs to have the skills to do so. Manage your project once the project is under way it is vital that you don’t neglect your offshore team.

Every project is unique and so would be the vendor and the particular team working on it. If your project is relatively small and simple, visiting an offshore vendor may be an unnecessary expense.

At the development level the scope of project is increased considerably. In addition to new application development, enhancements to existing applications can be good project candidates.

Your application development team might require dedicated application developers, testers, project managers, system engineers along with graphic designer team.

The vendor should have a very strong expertise in the technology and the process of managing outsourcing projects.

Always make sure the application developers are not ignoring the marketing and customer experience needs of their clients.

After the application is live, the application developer needs to provide a training on how to use it.

Sometimes, the software or application is migrated to better technical platforms like .net or java for more effectiveness and efficiency.

In this case, the work of the outsourcing software development company is easier. It is because there is usually a lot of decumentation about the system, and a lot of knowledge in the company.

However, there is always a list of new requirements for the new system, thus the new requirement documentation is needed anyway.

Going for offshore developers helps businesses both in terms of cost as well as performance.

A software developemnt team has usually highly experienced, dedicated and skilled professional developers. They know how to complete assigned projects on time and budget.

Make sure your vendor can create a team of professional software developers that can effectively handle large and small projects.

The East European software developers are highly experienced and they are powered with years of industry expertise. Senior developers are working with different technologies, tools, in different industries for many years.

There are different ways how to arrange the whole setup. The developers can sit in your office and develop software for you under your management.

Or they might be located in the nearshore or offshore location with or without your project management managing them.

When your team is successfully formed, all you need to simply monitor the project progress not the developers. Set the processes and check-points and mitigate the risk.

Ideally, the team should have international work experience and also experience in other areas like project management and marketing. An experienced team can make a clear difference through effective team work and knowledge of the latest technology.

Outsourcing company could provide the client with skills that the client does not have.


Define and setup clear communication lines. Make sure the outsourcing team can be contacted on email, phone and instant messenger. Email, messaging, video and VOIP telephony mean that a remote team can be almost completely integrated into the onsite team.

If the outsourcing team located several time zones away, make sure you adjust your processes to reflect tjhat. Of course, the smaller the time difference, the better. That is why the nearshoring has become increasingly popular.

Belonging to a successful outsourcing team is motivating for an individual because they are identified with a winning team.

The team is dedicated on working on a variety of process enhancement, document management and organizational intranet projects.

The extensive recruitment process ensuring best of the developers are recruited in team. It is due to process maturity that developers can measure quality and improve it on the on-going basis.

Ensure your project is completed on time and on budget, using the latest procedures and technology.

Understand and plan for the fact, that communication between your project manager and the team is more difficult and often asynchronous.

Otherwise the project may start to get loopholes with ineffective communications. A distributed project may be created in no time and the work may start almost immediately.

A value-added analysis indicated that only 18% of the duration of a project was spent during value-added work. If this project was to be staffed by domestic contractors, we would have just added two new contractors. In essence, the entire project is executed at the client’s site.

People new to software development are often amazed at how many different interpretations hired developers can get from one document.

Testing, milestonesoutsourcing software development company

The project is carried out on your site. Testing at regular intervals during the project is essential. Generally, the testing phase in an outsourced project is more difficult than an in-house.

Success of the outsourcing project may depend upon the assessment of your own capabilities, needs and expectations.

Outsourcing project areas software, communication, performance, and risk factors for the success of the knowledge, have a profound influence. When the local part goes thru correctly, the project is often a huge success.

The red flag of incomplete documentation can indicate that a part of the project hasn’t been thought through. Your software outsourcing project could end-up costing you more in management overhead and associated costs than you might have thought.

The project that was rejected did not end up with any implementation. A scalable system for web is crucial to diminish glitches and hassles in the workforce. –

Information Technology is often a company’s response when faced with a need to alter or improve their business processes.

The business of offshore web development has seen exponential growth in the market over the past few years. Our team is comprised of some of the best web development experts.

Outsourced software development team has finished the requirement analysis stage and successes in building a proof of concept prototype. However in the final analysis of the season only an individual team will win. Merely one team are usually champion.

Our dedicated team is disciplined to achieve committed delivery schedules. Failure on delivery can be due to several reasons even after the right team is selected. If we don’t think that the project is the right fit for both of us, we walk away.

When the project is delivered, you decide if you pay for it or not. After the Project is delivered, Managed service with support & maintenance is offered as a further option.

Quality is no more a differentiating factor. It is now only a qualification required to enter the market. Quality is vital to all software systems. It is also one issue that experts point out as a major shortcoming of outsourcing.

There’s no need to wait until the entire project is finished. Test the results during the development, in defined milestones.

Checking the results after the whole project is finished would be expensive. Agree on some sort of weekly work reports with clear details on how the project is tracking against the agreed budget and time.

Maintenance and support

Such a company also implements and offers technical support after the application is delivered to you.

Developers can develop and manage solutions that are affordable, user-friendly and completely customizable. If other people have similar needs, developers will cooperate at creating an extension to their IDE to manage that language.

Other best sourcing websites you can use to find software developers are guru.com, freelancer.com, rent-acoder.com, and getacoder.com. It’s very easy to find developers that have the experience as many put their past projects in their portfolio.

It’s where each project is considered a challenge and is taken up with full commitment and perseverance.

Pilot project is about ETL from 2 databases and producing reports.

In this case the project is in risk of not meeting its deadlines. Sometimes rescheduling may help, but you have to realize that the project is at risk anyway.

This will help you to understand where the project is at any given moment. The clients prefer to go for the offshore model when their project is long termed and voluminous.

Working together on any software engineering project is complex by nature and bound to have some controversy.

The effort the students expended on this project was far greater than in software engineering class projects of the past.

Progress of the project may be tracked by making each operation box with a start and estimated completion date.

Software Development Outsourcing – The next Steps

Software development outsourcing can be a way for the company to optimize cots, concentrate on core competency or expand quickly using a reliable outsourcing partner. Use the above guidelines to find a way how to get most from outsourcing software development in your company.