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Benefits of Multi-tiered Sourcing Strategies

Multi-sourcing allows customers to diversify their outsourcing and remove the geopolitical and managerial risks of having one offshore company in one country. One size doesn't fit all. Each company has a unique set of needs and corresponding sourcing requirements. Nearshore can function as your sole outsource solution or integrate into a larger 3-tiered sourcing strategy. Each tier has it's own set of benefits and when properly configured, can create a flexible, scalable and cost effective ... Read more

Top 3 Things to Communicate to Your Staff When Starting Software Outsourcing

Even before you start preparing for your outsourcing project, make sure that the environment in your organization is right. There are many things that should be taken care of. Make sure you properly 'sell' software outsourcing not only to the upper management, but also to your staff. Address any fears and questions even before anybody can raise them. Selling software outsourcing project to your company, especially to your staff can be very difficult. They will naturally ... Read more

The One Big Mistake to Avoid in Software Outsourcing

Make sure that your company is ready for outsourcing. You have to make sure that your company has already defined processes for software development and maintenance. Those processes should be as efficient and formalized as possible and ready to scale. Outsourcing is nothing else than a scaling tool. Software outsourcing allows you to take the existing processes and scale them to reach the new level of effectiveness. It will enable your company to grow faster, educe time ... Read more

Tips for Successful Software Outsourcing

In the recent survey on outsourcing KPMG revealed interesting facts about successful outsourcing projects.  More than 650 organizations in 32 countries participated in this survey. Most of the responders were C-level executives. Over 80% of the contracts refer to information technology outsourcing (so the results can be applied for software outsourcing as well). The organizations most satisfied with outsourcing took the following approach: Vendor selection process tend to be shorter Organization shares clear and consistent view of the purpose of outsourcing contract, it ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Software Outsourcing

Article by Edward M. Branchea "The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it." ~~ Alphonso Jackson -- Secretary of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Those who are thinking about software outsourcing portions of labor for the first time may be feeling overcome and wavering about the idea of relying on some person outside the company to finish labor related tasks. ... Read more
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