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What do you have in common?

What do you have in common with some of the largest companies in the world? Access. Access to some of the greatest IT talent in the world. And they're no longer 5,000 miles away from you. They are located in Central Europe and are already working with companies such as IBM, GE, Siemens and Morgan Stanley. Central Europe is emerging as a leading region in IT outsourcing services with a large pool of talented, well educated and hard working IT professionals. Benefits of ... Read more

IT Outsourcing Strategies – Managing Staff

One of the common mistakes in initiating an outsource process, is lack of communication with both your internal staff as well as the vendor staff. Of course these people are critical to your success, so taking the time to ensure they understand the goals of this initiative and what their individual roles will be, should be one of your first priorities. Begin with employee meetings to announce the finalization of your plans, discuss the overall goals and how your employees will fit ... Read more

Eastern Europe: Outsourcing Hot Spot?

Eastern Europe could soon become a favorite location for offshore outsourcing, with activity in the region estimated to triple between 2005 and 2008. That's according to consulting firm McKinsey. McKinsey identifies three main advantages for companies locating BPO operations in Eastern Europe in the winter issue of McKinsey on IT: low wage levels, comparable to India's, with slow wage inflation looking likely to keep the region economically competitive for at least 15 years. relatively low-risk location for investing, due to the reliable infrastructure ... Read more

The Overlooked Potential For Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a small player in the global IT market and business process outsourcing, however that's likely to change as companies in Western Europe become more comfortable with offshoring. Service providers in Eastern Europe offer geographic proximity combined with cultural and language affinities that Western European companies can't easily find further afield. The region is likely to remain competitive, given its low level of wage inflation (outside of popular centers like Prague and Budapest), along with thousands of qualified graduates ... Read more

Nearshore Software Development without Offshore Hassles?

The free report by Venice Consulting Group outlines the benefits of nearshore development. The free report titled "The Six Secrets of Nearshore Development " identifies offshore challenges as Time Zone: Differing time zones present management challenges, increased cost of travel, and communication breakdowns. Language Barriers: Offshore teams add additional risk via Language Barriers Cost Bloating: Offshore projects include costs above and beyond the discounted hourly rate. Efficiency: Offshore teams are simply not as efficient as local teams Quality: Offshore quality is an ... Read more
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